In 2010, when I started API Evangelist, I sat down to create a logo, and after six hours of frustration in photoshop, I eventually just typed out my logo as a basic JSON representation, kind of as a joke, which I eventually planned on changing, but it stuck.

With the latest batch of t-shirts I've ditched the "logo" portion, but will keep this version floating around, here and there for nostalgic purposes. Along the way, I've added what I consider the function version of the logo, which I use for each of my research sites.

I'm starting so many new research areas lately, I decided to create a logomaker, so I can make new logos, and anyone else can make their own as well. There are three API endpoints for the API Evangelist logomaker API:

Single - (http://logomaker.api.apievangelist.com/single/?value=[value])


Key / Value - (http://logomaker.api.apievangelist.com/keyvalue/?key=[key]&value=[value])


Function - (http://logomaker.api.apievangelist.com/function/?name=[name])


I will automatically clean out the images every day so make sure and save your image somewhere else, if you expect to keep it! Happy logo making!